Mobile Psychchiatric Treatment Team

Mobile Psychiatric Treatment Team | An Alternative to Emergency Room Boarding and Inpatient Psychiatric Hospitalization Working on several psychiatric evaluation teams across San Diego in the Emergency Room, I was tasked with evaluating, not treating patients in psychiatric crisis. Patients would languish in the ER often for days while awaiting


IDA | Identification Access for Behavioral Health Services Behavioral health patients often have poor interactions with first responders and other service providers due to lack of identification or during episodic incidents where the cause of behavior may be unknown. PROBLEM STATEMENT | How might we use technology


SD+ | An app that helps prevent teen suicide. The community is losing an increasingly high number of youth at an exceptionally young age due to an action that could have been prevented if the right resources and interventions had been easily accessible. PROBLEM STATEMENT |How might

Outpatient to Outdoors

Outpatient to Outdoors | A program for our identified at risk youth Suicide is the second leading cause of death for youth in San Diego County and Nationally. Recidivism to behavioral health services averages 20- 30%. The Mental Health crisis for youth requires global sustainable services to youth to address the

My Healthy Life Coach

cOMmunity Yoga Collective | A Free & Sliding-Scale Yoga Classes and an Experience Enhancing App I have 8 years of experience as a special education teacher & yogi. Yoga has been a steady foundation during challenging times, and has become an important part of my physical and mental wellness routine.

Tiny Home Big Community

The Home Big Community Project came out of a need for housing for families involved in Child Welfare Services. Many families are not able to reunify with their children due to lack of safe housing. The idea of smaller inexpensive housing was fueled by watching tiny home shows on TV.

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