Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2020-03-12T02:39:54-07:00
How will I know how to present my idea for consideration?2018-12-19T10:01:26-08:00

A format and instructions will be provided to explain how ideas should be best presented for consideration.

Will my idea be funded?2018-12-19T10:00:26-08:00

Not every idea will be funded, but every idea will be considered for funding.

Can I register if I don’t have an idea?2018-12-19T09:59:34-08:00

Yes, you can register without having an idea to develop. Our workshop will facilitate exercises that will help you generate new ideas. You can select which you would like to explore more and present for consideration.

What do I have to do to register for the program?2018-12-19T09:58:01-08:00

To participate in a Learning Event or Workshop, register in advance online or on-site at any of the event locations.

Can anyone participate?2018-12-19T09:56:37-08:00

Yes, everyone is welcome to participate in the program.

What is the purpose of BeHeath?2020-03-12T02:41:38-07:00

The purpose of BeHealth.Today is to encourage residents to collaborate in the generation of new ideas that can innovate Behavioral Health.

Is there a cost to participate in the program?2020-03-12T02:42:09-07:00

No, the program is free. All of the costs have been paid by the County resources.

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