We Believe Your Ideas Can Innovate Behavioral Health

Every issue in behavioral health can be solved with a great idea.

Whether you’re a professional in the space, or the family member of someone who suffers from addiction or mental disease, you have insights into the issues associated with behavioral health.

A professional in Behavioral Health. A medical professional. A program director. A worried family member. A concerned citizen

No matter who you are, or your level of education, or amount of experience in the field, you can collaborate with other people to help generate new ideas that can solve the biggest issues we face.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard


BeHealth.Today was created to facilitate the gathering of people and generation of new ideas that could impact behavioral health. Unlike many other processes, BeHealth.Today enables everyone in the community to contribute to a group focused on solving one of the issues we are trying to address.

Learning events help prepare people to contribute, workshops facilitate the formation of groups that leverage the Deign Thinking process to generate new ideas. The resulting proposals will be shared here with others to help gain attention by funders for implementation.

Join in with other people in our community to help generate the idea that could be the next big thing in behavioral health.


Everyone in our community can contribute their insights and experiences to propose innovative approaches including leveraging technology and connecting people to resources.